Tarpon are by far the largest inshore species of fish here in Florida. They range in size from 10-200 lbs. Tarpon are caught here from late April through September. May and June are the best months as the large concentrations of mature fish migrate up from their wintering grounds to the south. Large schools of […]

Snook are one of the most sought after game fish in Florida. Florida is the only state in the U.S. that has a snook population. They are a sub-tropical fish which can not tolerate water temperatures of much less than 55 degrees. This is why they are usually only targeted during the warm months (March […]

Cobia are caught year round here in Florida. The fish’s size ranges from 5-80 lbs. The best months to fish for cobia would be November through February with the best month being January. The cobia here stack up in a local power plant’s warm water discharge during the coldest months of the year. Both Redfish […]

Redfish are found year round here in Florida. They average in size from 1-14 lbs. The best time of year to fish for redfish would be the fall. The best months being September and October. During this time of the year large schools of redfish can be found roaming the shallow flats of Tampa Bay. […]