Why You Should Consider Purchasing Mediterra Naples Florida Golf Course Real Estate


This golf country club is situated on over 1600 acres of ground. A thousand acres is set aside, designated as a preserve. Located in Collier County, The Club at Mediterra is one of the most pristine golf communities in the area. It combines tropical landscaping, golf courses, freshwater lakes, and a multitude of neighborhoods with homes that are often for sale. You get access to the sandy white beaches of the Gulf of Mexico, music events, and all of the amenities that come with membership. This overview of Mediterra golf homes should motivate you to see what it has to offer, including the beautiful golf courses, which are available at The Club at Mediterra currently.

Overview Of Their Golf Courses

There are two beautiful golf courses designed by Tom Fazio which are both challenging and elegant. There is The North Course which has 18 holes, featuring sand traps, and unique layouts, that will be challenging for most people. You have beautiful views of ornamental plans, landscaping, and all of the breathtaking scenery that is a part of this area naturally. The South Course is a little different, showing you more of the natural preserve areas. What is beneficial about your membership to play on these golf courses is that it is limited to only 225 people spread out over both golf courses for a total of 450 members. This is one of the best deals that is available in Naples. You will never have a problem getting a tee time, and once you are done playing golf, you can take a look at the beautiful architecture that is all throughout this facility.

The Piazza At Mediterra

This is the center part of this facility which is unique. If you have ever been to in Mediterranean guardian, or if you have been to certain areas of Italy, you will feel at home. You can meander throughout this entire club area, never becoming bored of the beautiful sites and scenery. You are also going to see the Mediterra Clubhouse which is 25,000 square feet. There are many things that you can do while you are there such as participate in The Sports Club. There is also a wellness center, places to eat such as The Grill Room, and many other amenities. There are different memberships that you can get which will give you access to all of this including social calendars and athletic events. For example, they have three distinctive memberships. There is the golf membership, the private sports and beach membership, and the social membership options. In most cases, you must be a resident to be considered for any of the memberships. Owners must submit an application which can take up to 12 months or the approval process to go through. Once you have been approved, you will have access to all of these different amenities and features of The Club at Mediterra.

How Much Of The Fees?

The fees for playing golf at Mediterra include $100,000 plus almost $15,000 for membership dues. There is a separate social membership fee of $30,000 plus annual dues in a food and beverage fee. This will give you access to everything that is available, even if you are not a resident. The price of the membership allows you to play on both golf courses, and because of the low number of golfers that have this membership, you will never be unable to reserve a time to play golf. Since the golf courses have only been open since 2000, they are in excellent condition. You may want to do more than simply play golf at this facility. Instead, you could consider moving here, and there are both condos and single-family homes that you can choose from.

What Is The Cost Of Real Estate At Mediterra?

The cost of real estate is relatively cheap for condominiums. They are priced at just over $500,000. Single-family homes can be purchased for just under $1 million, but the most pristine models are well over $6 million each. Real estate agents and brokers will be able to help you find what you want. They can search every day for you based on the amount of money you have to spend, and the type of housing you are looking for. If you have a couple of realtors working for you, you will ultimately find one that is priced affordably and will have plenty of room for yourself, or for you and your family.

This is an excellent place to live if you like this type of setting. Some people are drawn to places that have a Mediterranean look and feel. You can talk to realtors today about the different properties that are currently on the market. You may be able to find one that is exactly what you want at this incredible golf club community.

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