Redfish Fishing Tampa Bay

Redfish are found year round here in Florida. They average in size from 1-14 lbs. The best time of year to fish for redfish would be the fall. The best months being September and October. During this time of the year large schools of redfish can be found roaming the shallow flats of Tampa Bay. Redfish can be sighted by riding the outside edge of the flats during calm mornings and looking for the fish to be waking up on the flat. Sometimes you can spot redfish in schools of over an acre in size pushing up the water on the shallows. On a good day of redfishing you can expect to leave them biting because your arms are exhausted and you have lost count having no idea of how many you caught.

We start redfishing by netting a well full of greenbacks ( a species of sardine). A few hundred of these silver morsels will ensure plenty of action once you find the redfish. We then motor to where the redfish are schooling on a flat and head them off. I then start throwing dozen of greenbacks out into the school and watch the water erupt with the redfish beginning their feeding frenzy. The 8 ft. spinning rods come out and are baited up with greenbacks under corks and tossed out into the melee. Then its constant action of fighting the strong and stubborn redfish to the boat, baiting up and repeating for as long as you can hold out. I have had more than one day in which after about an hour of such action my clients have asked that they be taken back in. They were completely exhausted and had caught all the fish they would like.

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